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Monthly Import Declaration (GPA)

Data analysis and validation of all your import customs transactions

What a relief when your Monthly Import Declaration (GPA Simplified Procedure) has been filed without any trouble, isn't it? But have you ever wondered whether the file meets all validation requirements and if it will be accepted by Customs? Practice shows that companies often receive feedback from the Customs authorities that there are problems with the Import Declaration file or the data.

Pincvision has the solution! We developed a GPA validation tool which provides you insight into your monthly import declarations and ensures you they are correct. You are in control, and the quality of your data is improved.

What is GPA?

The Automated Periodic Declaration (GPA) is a way of submitting simplified import declarations to the Customs authorities in the Netherlands. The GPA declaration covers all GPA-related transactions within one month. The declaration for all these transactions is only submitted once instead of one declaration for each shipment.

In order to gain insight in your monthly GPA, we offer you an automated declaration validation process. This ensures you that these declarations are correct and hence, you will be ‘in control’. The quality of your data will improve and therewith your processes as well.

Some facts about GPA

  • The periodic declaration must be sent to Customs before the 10th day of the following month
  • Customs carries out checks on the correctness of the declaration. Therefore, it is of importance that a declaration is submitted correctly, timely and completely

A red or orange inspection report belongs to the past

Do you want to be sure of a correct GPA declaration, so that the declarations will not fall into a red or orange inspection report? Let us then check your GPA output (ENT) according to the Customs’ control brochure. This check is carried out fully automated allowing large volumes and guaranteeing quality. Furthermore, our specialists analyze the outcome and provide you with concrete suggestions for improvement by means of a report. Examples of checks prior to shipment to Customs are:

  • Validity of commodity codes
  • Corresponding import duty percentages
  • Actual exchange rates
  • Proper use of customs code tables
  • Syntactical correctness of MRN numbers and relational checks between the different GPA fields

Keep your article master file up-to-date

In order to keep your article master file up-to-date and of high-quality, we validate it against additional codes and units, the preferential tariff and document codes. Improving and maintaining your GPA declaration is a time-consuming process which demands specialized Customs knowledge. If you would like to receive support in this, our specialists are happy to help you with:

  • Follow up on validation results
  • Transactional analyses
  • Spot checks on HTS classification
  • Back-up to Customs
  • Audit activities

No longer worry about your GPA, take care of it now!

Experience the benefits of our GPA solution for your organization. Contact us for more information, by clicking on one of the contact buttons on the left side of this page, or call us directly on +31(0)88-4321800.


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