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Global Broker Window

In order to facilitate your broker and risk management and enable you to have direct insight in your brokers’ activities Pincvision created the dashboard Global Broker Window, through which you look at the data in the form of a visual display (e.g. a country map or a graph).

The information you receive from your brokers is uploaded in the tool (e.g. value, origin, HS) which displays it in a window through maps, graphs and colors representing the risk levels. Together with you we define the risk levels specific to your organization. This gives you insight in what risks you run and where, in order to focus your attention on priorities.

Within Global Broker Window the broker data is consistently scaled out on to a global overview.

Benefits of Global Broker Window

  • Get a quick look at various fields (e.g. value, origin, HS)
  • See trends and areas of interest quickly
  • Address issues immediately as they come up
  • Global solution for your entire organization
  • Practical platform where everything can be zoomed in from a global level, to a regional level and country level
  • Improve the performance of your logistic partners and brokers
  • Save operational costs through automation

In a few words: stay ahead of your compliance and keep it at a top level. Make sure you keep your certifications such as AEO.

Here you can read more about the technical side of our Global Broker Window Solution or contact us to experience the benefits of Global Broker Window for your organization!


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