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Customs Compliance Scan

Validate your transactions and procedures against the current customs regulations

The Customs Compliance Scan is a fast, objective and expert analysis of your customs processes. A scan that lays a finger on the risks you run. And that gives you an insightful report of findings covering all relevant aspects of Customs laws and regulations for your organization. Now you know where you stand and especially: what should be done. Of course Pincvision will gladly help you with our support and expertise. We can even takeover your entire processes.

If you are AEO-certified and/or have a Known Consignor status, the Customs Compliance Scan also zooms in on these aspects. So you are able to sharpen your processes, implement process improvements, fearlessly look forward to assessments and know from the bottom of your heart that you are 'customs compliant'.

Why apply for a Customs Compliance Scan today

The Customs Compliance Scan gives you insight into your current customs processes. What is going well? What could be better? And especially: where do you run risks?

Outcome of the Customs Compliance Scan:

  • A fast and accurate inventory of your customs compliance obligations
  • A sharp risk analysis of your customs compliance
  • Practical points of improvement
  • An examination and description of your customs requirements

Would you like insight into your entire trade compliance process? We make it possible! Opt for the full Trade Compliance Scan.


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