Samenwerking tussen Pincvision en de Amerikaanse Kamer van Koophandel

*This news article is only available in EnglishTo increase Pincvision’s independence and to strengthen our global reach, Pincvision has signed a partnership with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC).

Thanks to this innovative collaboration, Pincvision can now also create legalized export documents for customers who:

  • Ship from the United States
  • Ship goods with US origin
  • Are part of a US entity

Fastest lead-times without delays

As a result of this new collaboration, an interface has been created that ensures that there is a direct link between AWTCC and Pincvision. When you request your export documents, completely digital via Pincvision, they will be legalized by the AWTCC in the United States or the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. If you request a document before 3 PM CET, you will get the legalized document in return before the end of the same day, anywhere in the world.

"I am very proud that we are able to interface with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce as we are now able to ensure our customers they can profit globally from the fastest lead-times. Next to this, our customers can also be sure that they get export documents from the highest quality, regardless of the location of their goods or the moment when the goods need to be shipped."
Lonneke Verberk - Team leader Export Documents at Pincvision

Create competitive advantage

Pincvision makes it possible to centralize supply chains by requesting export documents from any location in the world, to any desired location in the world. You will save time and costs by adapting direct shipments into your supply chain model. This will be an absolute game changer.

What’s next and how will you benefit

The collaboration between the AWTCC and Pincvision is not the end of this development, but it is the start of a larger roll-out across the entire globe. Pincvision’s Export Documents in Control solution is ready for future integration services with other Chambers of Commerce & certification companies worldwide.

“It is great to see that our Export Documents in Control solution could be extended with a new web service interface with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce. Due to the underlying application architecture, this new service was to a large extend configurable. It included a number of United States specific checks and validations which were applied through a lightweight rule engine. The actual implementation was relatively simple by using the existing service bus concept.”
Edwin Kampshoff - CIO at Pincvision

About the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce

The AWTCC was established in 2011. The founders created the AWTCC with the expectation that it would adhere to international standards and best practices as outlined by the International Chamber of Commerce with respect to Certificates of Origin. The operations center of AWTCC is established in Westminster, Maryland, just outside Washington D.C. within close proximity to foreign consulates for convenience of additional documentation certification when required. Its headquarter is located in New York City.

Have you become curious about the benefits that this collaboration can bring you? Please contact me by sending an email to m.terberg@pincvision.com or call me at +31(0)88-4321817

22 jul. 2019 at 00:00