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VAT risk management / Tax assurance: Are you in control?

Companies are more and more expected to be fiscal in control, tax management (compliant with laws and regulations) can be demonstrated and assurance about the tax position can be provided. Tax in control, is this something you can confirm to the various internal and external stakeholders?

“In control” basically means that the company knows where the tax risks lie in the business processes and how these risks can be detected and controlled, or eliminated. The company processes are key and must be in order. Especially when it concerns VAT; because often many different departments are involved in a process in which (potential) VAT risks arise. Therefore roles and responsibilities in these processes need to be clear and control measures should be implemented. Furthermore, it is important to monitor whether the implemented controls actually work and are respected, and just as important, what is done with the measurement results? This is possible by means of setting up a risk management system, for example an (indirect) Tax Control Framework.

Setting up a risk management system, or an (indirect) Tax Control Framework requires different skills than the traditional skills of a tax consultant. Pincvision employs Registered Tax Assurance Service Providers who can assist or support in the implementation of control measures or the monitoring, amongst others by performing statistical sampling.

If you would like to receive more information about how Pincvision can assist you with VAT risk management or would like to talk more about Tax Assurance with one of our indirect tax specialists, please contact us by calling +31(0)314-695200 or send an email to

Our team of indirect tax specialists will gladly assist you:

mr. D. van der Meulen – Idema, Registered Tax Assurance Service Provider & Member NOB (NOB - Dutch Order of Tax advisers)

mr. ing. J.H. Bos, Member NOB (NOB - Dutch Order of Tax advisers)

MSc. E.H.Bosga, Registered Tax Assurance Service Provider

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