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Update about documents to Saudi Arabia

On January 12, 2015 we informed you that there was uncertainty about the requirements regarding export documents to Saudi Arabia. Rumors were that it would be obligated to offer the Certificate of Origin and the corresponding invoice digitally to the Saudi Customs. The digital portal “Exportal” would eventually replace the paper version of the Certificate of Origin.

As you may expect from Pincvision we will share the latest news instantly with our clients.

News from the Chamber of Commerce

We received the following news from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, this with thanks to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Both Chambers will be directly involved in the follow-up of this process.

Below you can read the email that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce shared with us:

"Having checked your concerned subject with Saudi Customs, please be informed of the followings:

  • There is a strategic future plan between Saudi Customs, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to electronically simplify exchange of import/export documentations between Saudi Arabia and its trading partner countries.
  • For trial implementation, a technical company on the name of “ Exportal Services Company (Exportal)” was chosen for trial with only one EU country as a start. If successful, then more trail with other future chosen countries with various necessary alterations to be made.
  • So far, this is still a trial with one EU country, through Exportal , and if proved success in future, Saudi Customs will officially notify all concerned governmental agencies & Saudi embassies, in addition to the private sector, though Council of Saudi Chambers.
  • Exportal on its own merits, has unfortunately marketed this issue, which led to misunderstanding for many contacted foreign chambers and exporters to Saudi Arabia.
  • On conclusion, no date at all is given from Saudi Customs, when this would be implemented, and so far, Saudi Customs still following normal import/export procedures as usual, and no changes in near future, as this issue will certainly take longer time to materialize, if found was success in its initial stage."


Please keep following the import/export procedure as normal (paper process). The trial for digitizing the process will take longer time, and therefore will only be applicable in Belgium for now.

If important changes take place we will inform you directly by posting an update on our website.
As said in our previous newsupdate, our tool “Export Documents in Control” is fully equipped to facilitate changes effortlessly.

If you have any questions, please sent an e-mail to or call +31(0)88-4321800.

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