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Some European VAT (related) developments coming our way


Hungary requires that all taxable persons should equip their invoicing software with a separate function which will allow data export. The new function has to be ready by 01.01.2016. The software used for invoicing therefore has to be amended to facilitate the export of invoice data/fields to the Hungarian Tax Office. It concerns all invoices issued under the Hungarian VAT number and therefore this also applies to foreign based businesses with an Hungarian VAT registration number.

Poland SAF-T

According to a new article of the Tax Ordnance it seems that Poland will also introduce the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T). The SAF-T will be required only on request, not automatically.

The implementation rules are to be published, they will make clear the format of the data and the way the data has to be provided. The SAF-T regulations will be applicable as from 1st July 2016 only will probably only apply to the larger businesses, i.e. those who in the last two years:

  1. employed 250 employees or more in average and
  2. their annual turnover from the sale of goods, services and financial operations is more than €50,000,000 or their assets at the end of one of these two years exceeded €43,000,000.

For all other categories the SAF-T regulations will be mandatory as from 01.07.2018, but tax payers can opt to apply the regulation voluntarily.


Spain has released a draft Royal decree in which it introduces a new system under which all sales and purchase invoices must be transmitted electronically to the Spanish Tax Administration. The information has to be provided within a 4 day timeframe from issuance or receipt of the invoice, so almost a real time reporting requirement.

The new system will be mandatory for businesses who file VAT Returns on a monthly basis; with a turnover of over 6 million Euro, registered for the monthly refund regime or who are applying VAT grouping provisions. Other businesses can opt to apply the system. In addition to current information requirements, businesses will be required to provide more information such as description of the operations. The system will apply as from 1 January 2017.

More details on the Polish and Spanish requirements will follow in our newsletters.

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