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Scoop: CO’s printing on 6000 miles distance!

Pincvision is the first company in Europe who has been given approval from the Chamber of Commerce to print legalized documents like Certificates of Origin and EUR-1 Forms globally. This means the printer can be placed at any preferred location. The printer will be interfaced with the Pincvision Virtual Documents Window in The Netherlands.

Recently, Pincvision placed its first printer outside of Europe, in Mexico (6000 miles).

How does it work?

The customer sends a request for a CO to Pincvision. This request will be processed in Virtual Documents Window. After electronic legalization by the Chamber of Commerce the original document will be printed at any desired location, in this case Mexico.

Global printing offers many benefits:

  • Obtaining documents no longer delays the logistic process, because Pincvision is able to print documents at any desired location, within one hour after the request was made.
  • Global printing offers the opportunity to work with one worldwide process for all of your export documents.
  • All required documents can be provided by Pincvision. This way, the documents process is taken care of by 1 party.
  • Anywhere in the world you are able to login to the Management Dashboard, within our online application: Virtual Documents Window. This offers the possibility to follow the progress of the requested documents.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Global Printing of CO’s? Please contact Edo Bosga: +31(0)88-4321800 or send an e-mail to

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