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‘Recycling of Electronics had been improved but EU targets remain challenging’

Though, CEO of Wecycle Netherlands and WEEE Forum president Jan Vlak ventures that the collection targets of 65% of equipment sold and 85% of WEEE generated will be extremely challenging for almost all member states, unless law enforcement is improved, WEEE products are all counted and co-operation among stakeholders is increased. Secretary General of the WEEE Forum Pascal Leroy noted that EU member states should follow the example of the Dutch, Belgians, Lithuanians and French in making standards on collection, logistics and e-scrap legally binding.

Vice-president of the WEEE Forum Philip Morton observes that producers in general accept the need to finance end-of-life costs. Though, he admitted that they don’t have the authority to manage and control the costs. Legislation therefore needs to ensure producers’ cost responsibility and the legal right to approve collection points, collectors and recyclers of e-scrap.

E-scrap provides an example why recycling efforts are necessary, since it pays off for the environment, industry and the creation of jobs EU commissioner of the environment Karmenu Vella noted. He stressed the importance of finding circular solutions and switching from waste management to resource management.


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