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Modernization of digital issuing export documents

On January 20, 2014 the Chamber of Commerce started using a new version of DAE (digital issuing export documents). As a result, it is now possible to print the stamp and signature of the Chamber of Commerce on digitally requested origin documents, commercial invoices and statements.

This new version of DAE is a logical next step in the further digitization. This is consistent with the developments in the neighboring countries (such as Belgium and the United Kingdom) and the rest of the world (e.g. Singapore, Kenya and Canada).

Commercial Invoice

You will notice an additional stamp and signature of the Chamber of Commerce to be printed on the front of your invoice

Certificate of Origin

The format of the Certificate of Origin has been slightly changed. The most notable change is the use of horizontal and diagonal lines in order to avoid text to be added to legalized documents. Obviously, the document continues to meet worldwide standards.

Authenticity ICC CO Chain

As of June 2013, the Chamber of Commerce is affiliated to the CO-Chain of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). The CO-Chain is a label with the aim to improve the quality of Certificates of Origin worldwide. As of 20 January, the stamp shows that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce is an affiliated member. An additional advantage is that a ICC website is available for customs organizations, banks, agents etc. to assess the authenticity of the documents.

Each document contains a unique verification code. This code must be entered together with the accreditation number listed in the quality mark and the date of issue.

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