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Greece Compliance scheme implements new WEEE categories

A number of substantial changes are to be made to the categorization of the EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) and the WEEE ( Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) according to the European Directive 19/2012. Greece has now informed that it will start implementing the new WEEE categories.

These changes will affect the procedure of submission periodic declarations for the EEE quantities on the Greek market. The new legislation is summarized as follows:

  1. Until July, 2018 the categorization of EEE remains the same as it is today. This period (from the date the European directive came in force to the declaration period of July 2018) is defined in legal and other explanatory documents as a transitional period.
  2. As of August, 2018 the new categorization will be applied.

Appliances Recycling starts the transition period from August, 2016 and members will be guided with the classification of their products.

Please find the full Greece category list here

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