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Marketing & Communication support (32 hours)

International trade is increasing, which means that there are more Marketing challenges and commitment for our web shops. Will you help us grow and make our ‘stores’ even more successful? Grab this challenge, join our team and become our new Marketing & Communications employee! Continue reading for more information.

About, & Pincvision

Pincvision supports the world largest multinationals in complying with import and export laws and regulations. We are a fast growing and innovative cooperation that services customers in a “Best-in-Class” way. In other words, quality is our priority number one in everything we do. Pincvision is considered as a leader in our field of expertise thanks to our unique combination of services and high-quality, personal interaction with our clients. To expand our target group we launched two webshops: and this way we can also offer our services to SME’s and non-multinationals.

The service we provide is in the two webshops differ from one another, however the target group and the proposition are comparable: an affordable, do-it-yourself solution for companies that, on the one hand, want to keep doing their export processes themselves, without fixed obligations. On the other hand, the would like to receive support from a specialist as soon as possible when desired. Read below what your average working day will look like!

Freedom & diversity: run your own stores and make it successful!

In the morning you open the doors of your stores. Potential shoppers walk past, and it is up to you to let these people know what you are selling in your stores (social media), why they want it (written content from UBR) and why should they buy it from us (newsletter, social media, website, mailings)! The more enthusiasm the greater the willingness and people become curious to see what we have in store (writing style, personalize content). Yes, you have got visitors inside the store! Now you need to ensure an optimal customer experience. The visitor should not lack anything, he/she should not have to search for something (website navigation & user-friendliness). Did you get them in the store because of a special promotion/product, make sure that they arrive directly at this promotion/product (landing page). Your goal is to sell, because your store must earn money (create account/place order). If someone is interested in your product, but has no immediate need of purchasing, you will obviously need to collect their data to be able to send something later to him/her (newsletter/contact form). When someone has bought one of your products, you want to keep your customer happy so that they keep coming back. Build a customer relationship and make sure you know as much as possible about this customer to serve it as best as you can (customer satisfaction surveys, e-mail traffic after purchases, surveys, compiling customer profiles, etc). A good customer relationship ensures that our customers become our promoters (reviews, references, case studies). It is up to you to ensure that this entire customer journey runs as smoothly as possible. At the end of the day you close your shop with a satisfied feeling while your head is already full of enthusiastic ideas for tomorrow!

As you can read above, being a Marketing & Communication Employee involves a wide range of activities. You get a lot of freedom in your tasks to give them your own interpretation and to be able to put your passion into it. You report your progress and successes to the Marketing & Communications Manager.

What does the job involve...

In addition to the variety and pleasure in your work and a nice team to work with, these are a number of important tasks:

  • Maintaining the websites (news, content): you collect input from all departments, but also write content yourself.
  • Online marketing: you ensure that we are (and remain) at the top of the search engines results. You manage the SEO and SEA in collaboration with an external partner. You determine the content of AdWords/LinkedIn campaigns, the external partner arranges the technical implementation.
  • Determine and monitor Marketing/Sales objectives: the webshops must grow, so you work on our goals (including sales/orders/accounts/visitors) and pursue them with enthusiasm.
  • Social media management: You not only maintain our social media company pages, but also inspire and support your colleagues to get the most out of their business profiles.
  • Newsletters: Collect, prepare and send newsletters to all our customers and relations on a monthly basis. Afterwards you make a report with results and statistics.
  • Customer/order/website information and data management: convert into new marketing initiatives.
  • Check the language and corporate identity of all communication, both internal and external. You are the last check, so be critical!

To make everything even more interesting and challenging, you will not only perform the tasks above for and, you will also support your colleagues for marketing activities for Pincvision. A brand with its own corporate identity, target group, events and marketing approach!

What you have to offer...

Do you find your challenge in planning, organizing, making creative expressions and content? To successfully complete your tasks you need to have the following skills:

  • A completed HBO study program, preferably in the direction of Marketing and/or Communication
  • Good writing skills (you also really enjoy it)
  • Excellent command of the Dutch and English language in speaking, writing and reading
  • Good knowledge of the Office package 2013, PowerPoint and Prezi
  • Good knowledge of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Being able to work independently, but you are also a real team player
  • Target oriented and enthusiastic
  • Experiences with Adobe CS is a (big) plus (Photoshop, InDesign)

What we have to offer…

Salary: Minimum Market-level salary

Secondary employment conditions: You can count on excellent secondary employment conditions, such as a good pension scheme, travel allowance, company fitness, WIA-Hiaat & ANW insurance and lunch facilities.

Employee development is a big feature within our organization we inspire, coach or facilitate employee training.

Are you going to strengthen our team?

Are you excited about reading this job opening and do you already see yourself working with us? Apply today! If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, send an e-mail to Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Apply directly? Nice! Upload your motivation and Curriculum Vitae below and you'll hear from us soon!

Pincvision is a training company recognized by SBB.

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