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Corporate Social Responsibility

Pincvision and the world

Pincvision drives corporate social responsibility and sustainability not by defining policies on these matters, but by incorporating this in our business philosophy and DNA.

Pincvision believes that compliance is no barrier to global trade. This feeling of being able to freely trade is what we call the 'Pincvision Experience'.

CSR is not just about philanthropic donations. (Ethical) responsibilities that may seem obvious at first sight, are worked on very purposefully. Our hard work in combination with constant awareness on these responsibilities ensure the best-in-class services we provide. This is why we are proud to say that you can expect that Pincvision acts according to the following responsibilities:

Your data is safe with us

Our IT company is working hard on developing a security statement. As soon as this statement is developed, it will be published on our website.

High level of integrity from all employees and third parties

Integrity is one of the most important values of Pincvision. Outsourcing your compliance obligations requires a partner on who you can trust. Our constant awareness and training in security and integrity is a vital part of our goal in every business relation: Being a trusted partner.

Provide a great working environment which allows employees to grow and thrive

It’s called People In Compliance for a reason! We created a flexible work environment where a healthy work-life balance is encouraged. There is room for internal learning and external courses. We believe that employees thrive when they are given professional freedom.

We help you to trade globally, will you help us protect our globe?

Since Pincvision is a primarily IT driven company, our environmental footprint is not that big, but every little bit helps!

  • We offset all the emissions caused by our company and employees, non-work-related activities included.
  • Our office and business data centers meet sustainability standards and have several labels to attest this incl. “Energy Star” and “Der Blaue Engel”
  • Our sustainable strategy ensures that we collaborate with partners and suppliers that are organizations which also work towards a more sustainable world. We want to encourage any corporation and individual to help to achieve this goal.

Benchmarking our responsibilities (Yes, we really do what we say we do!)

After strategic deliberations, we set targets on environmental, social and economic level for 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). These targets have been set voluntarily as we strongly believe in the fundamentals of corporate sustainability. Apart from the UN SDGs we also have an annual report: The 2019 GRI report, based on the GRI standards guidelines.

he UN SDG targets for 2020 that we set are outlined below:

Honorable mentions

  • For our contribution to the local community we have been recognize by getting awarded the “Unieke Achterhoekers” award. An award that recognized our contribution to help employ people with a work disability for cleaning services and other tasks within their reach
  • Pincvision sponsors the local football academy to offer young talent an opportunity to succeed and to promoting sports amongst youth
  • Pincvision is an active participant and partner of “SmartHub” Achterhoek. An initiative that promotes the region for young professionals and businesses
  • As part of our environmental compliance services, Pincvision actively promotes and drives circular process thinking with our clients. In 2015 we were awarded the Sustainability Innovation award by Oracle for our contribution to the Cisco process
  • We support the Children’s fund of Malawi. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the general welfare of all children in Malawi and to provide medical assistance and education in two orphanages


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